Best Overseas Education Consultants in Hyderabad, India

Best Overseas Educational Consultants in Hyderabad

Overseas Education in hyderabad india

Gradway one of the top most education consultants, in Hyderabad, India offering guidance to students to choose appropriate course and university on the basis of their profile. Armed with trained career advisors, they offer each candidate personalized attention and services. They ensure that your applications for admissions are well prepared and well presented. Primary role of Gradway is to connect students with universities and colleges around the world. Students looking for dependable overseas education consultants can rely on us for guidance. Those looking to study overseas can use there online services to secure admission into a university abroad.

Gradway helps thousands of students every year to pursue higher education overseas. Motivated by core values ‘ethics, expertise and leadership’, Gradway is one of the most trusted names in the field of overseas education. They offer students a choice of thousands of courses at various leading educational institutions in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America. With more than 15 years of experience, world class infrastructure and state of art technology, you can expect the best from Gradway

Gradways Principles

  • To be the global leader in the field of international student recruitment.
  • To promote the overseas educational faculties in India, with the help of prestigious and recognised educational institutes of USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.
  • To provide information to the student-society in India, about the various educational institutes of USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.


What makes Gradway different in overseas education?

Gradway provides free guidance to students interested in pursuing their education abroad. If you are looking for a reliable study overseas consultancy, then your search ends here, they match your grades, budget, English language level with what you want to study and where you would like to study it, to produce a tailored set of results. In short, Gradway helps you see which universities you can get in to, speeds up the process by narrowing the vast choice of universities down to the right universities to apply to based on the criteria that matter to you.

There technology-based approach and partner agreements with universities means that they generate a response to your applications fast. most importantly Gradway aims to get you an answer within a week of application submission, They even provide video chat sessions with students at our partner universities so you can find out first hand what it is like to study there Gradway helps students with social networking providing an online environment in which to meet people in a similar position.

Himabindu Kolla CEO of Gradway says “Its a unique mixture of cultures, disciplines and entrepreneurial spirit makes Gradway one of the most exciting Training & Counseling for students”

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Will Subscription Boxes work in India?

Understanding Subscription Ecommerce

You must be aware of ‘Subscription’ as a concept connected to newspapers and magazines. You take a weekly/monthly/yearly subscription to a magazine/paper of your choice by paying a set yearly fee.

The basic concept when applied to Ecommerce works in the same way. Only the operating space changes from offline to online and of course application of ‘subscription’ changes with the category of online retail. The objective of this business model is to:

  • Engage the customers
  • Build a loyalty program
  • Build long term relationship with the customer
  • Make retention rates affordable
  • High conversion rates

Companies Offering Subscription Boxes in India

Though fairly popular in the West, the Indian market is yet to completely explore this space. However there are few players such as:

  • Flintobox which features monthly toy box for kids keeping in mind child development.
  • Bakebox delivers a box of baked goodies every month in Delhi and NCR
  • Mumbai based, The Gourmet Box allows you to subscribe for world cuisine inspired gourmet food & ingredients box.
  • Fab Bag brings to you beauty and grooming products for men & women monthly.

All the above listed players are catering to niche market and offer curated products with an element of surprise attached. Customers love the suspense and thrill of finding something new each month. It offers a new experience to shoppers who don’t mind to get a pre-assembled hamper instead of selecting on their own and getting overwhelmed by the available options. And so far they have hit the nail on the head.

For instance Bakebox scouts for best baker every month, which is then delivered to its subscribers for Rs. 1000. The customized festive boxes like the Christmas’sy Bake Box acts as a great hassle free gift. Jennifer Duthie, founder of Bakebox explained to Yourstory why she chose subscription business model, “I was really excited by the idea of subscription commerce and the element of exclusivity that it brings.”

FabBag handpicks 3 luxury makeup products tailored for each member and charges approximately Rs. 1500 for 3 months. It is a feasible option for those who want to try multiple global brands. Kaushik Mukherjee, co-founder of FabBag stated, “The venture required us to resolve two things- to provide beauty products to our members at a good value for their money, and to enable marketing, brand building and constructive feedback to the brands we partner with.”

The January Box of The Gourmet Box with a price tag of Rs. 1250 is Mexican food whereas in November it was Oriental! What more, it comes with a recipe idea. Great In an interview to Economic times, Himanshi Vora founder of the company said, “Supermarkets today are filled with a dizzying assortment of products and most people don’t know what to do with most of them. Curating is a way of letting customers know what is out there in the market and exposing them to something new.”

Flintobox’s January theme is Mad Scientist and next month it is turn for Space Adventure, all for Rs. 1095 per month. Quite aptly they earned the tag of ‘Coolest Start-up’ in 2014. While discussing the fears and vision about selling ‘development toys’, Co-founder Arunprasad Durairaj shared with Business Today, “When we started, we had our fears, but from the feedback we got from the first box, we were clear this is what we wanted to do.”

Other players include BigBasket’s Romantic Packages, Avishkar Box and Small Brown Box.

Indian Online Shopping Biggies Adopting With a Twist

Typical Subscription Ecommerce concept is what is explained above, i.e. sign-up and get pre-decided products delivered every month. But Flipkart introduced ‘subscription’ inspired advantage to its customers, albeit with a twist.

Around mid last year Flipkart launched ‘Flipkart First’ service for its customers. For a subscription fee of Rs. 500 per year, shoppers get free shipping on all orders, two months replacement policy instead of the standard policy, place in customer support priority list and one day guaranteed delivery minus any charge if they sign up for this Premium Subscription Service.

Amazon has been doing this for years but in the US. They are yet to start this advantage service in India. It acts more like a loyalty program but with products like appliances, apparels, electronics, fashion accessories etc, it is difficult to adapt the typical subscription model.

Will it Work in India?

So far the existing players have explored the niche section of retail such as kids’ toys, gourmet food and International cosmetics. This falls under the ‘Discovery’ ‘Mystery’ or ‘Sampling’ model.

Agreed people can’t subscribe for clothes, books, accessories and electronics without selecting themselves. But there are more categories which are waiting to be discovered.

Online grocery is one such segment, which can work under the ‘Replenishment Subscription Model’ that focuses on regularly consumed products. People need fruits, vegetables, toiletries, home care products, grains & pulses and other home supplies on a regular basis. And most households have a set budget & list of things that they buy irrespective of price inflation. This serves as a great opportunity for new players who want to enter this phase of ecommerce.

Other categories that it can possibly work for are curated footwear, innerwear, and personal hygiene products. Another way to go is to introduce ‘Discover New Products Box’ tab on online shopping sites and offer it for a subscription fee. Aditi Samel says, “I am game for an apparel subscription box, specifically for pants and tops as an experiment, provided they get the size & fit right and throw in some quirky prints & brands.”

With easy revenue forecasting, less uncertainty, fixed customers and low inventory maintenance cost, Subscription Ecommerce has a great potential. It still is relatively new in India, but creative Entrepreneurs and Innovators can make it the next big thing of Indian Ecommerce Industry.

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25 Subscriptions That Guarantee You Never Have To Shop In A Store Again

Subscription Bag/Box in India

A few years ago, you could subscribe to magazines.Now, along with groceries and household goods, you can subscribe to gluten-free snacks. And coffee. And sex toys.

If you didn’t want to, you probably could get by without ever needing to set foot in a store again.

Below, take a look at 25 different subscriptions you can arrange to appear at your door – and how much it will cost you.

First off, the basics*

Amazon Subscribe & Save
The online retailer offers up to 15% off and free shipping on a monthly delivery of thousands of products including grocery, household, beauty, health, and cooking supplies.
This drugstore site belongs to the same family as (for pets), (for parents), (for books), and six other sites. and many of its sister sites offer an “autoship” option, where they’ll automatically refill your order at intervals of your choosing, with free shipping over $49.

In June, Target launched a subscription service, allowing shoppers to restock everything from water filters to printer ink with the click of a mouse. By subscribing, you can take advantage of discounts (the current offer is 20% off), plus free shipping and another 5% discount if you pay with your Red Card, the Target debit and credit card.
For those in need of everything from lip balm to allergy meds, offers 10% or more off your order and free shipping when you sign up for “auto-reorder” starting at every 30 days. The same offer and savings apply to’s partner site

*Note that these subscriptions are fully customizable and therefore don’t have set prices, like most of the boxes listed below.

try the world rome box

Screenshot / Try The World

Try The World’s “Rome” box.

Fun snacks and meals

Blue Apron, from $9.99/week, per person, per meal
If you read Business Insider’s review of Blue Apron, you already know that the company sends all of the ingredients necessary to cook an impressive at-home meal, already measured and with a recipe.

NatureBox, $19.95/month
When you sign up for Naturebox, you receive five nutritionist-selected snacks per month, with the option to customize the treats you’ll get. You can either receive a bill for $19.95 each month or prepay for a set number of months in advance at a discount.

Par Avion Tea, from $9.95/month
Tea lovers around the world can subscribe to 1-3 blends of loose leaf tea per month, plus a 10% discount when shopping for tea or tea accessories on the site and access to members-only sales. American tea lovers get free shipping, but those outside the United States pay an additional $9.95 per month. By subscribing for a year at a time to one of three membership levels ($9.95, $17.95, and $24.95), members save $1 per month.

Craft Coffee, $24.99/month
Not interested in tea? How about coffee? Craft Coffee’s monthly box includes four ounces of three different roasters (42 cups) in the grind of your choice, with free shipping in the United States. Members can save with a six-month ($22.49/month) or year-long ($19.99/month) subscription.

Taste Guru, $39/month
This monthly snack box is exclusively gluten-free. While the price tag is steeper than many other boxes on this list, users can choose to subscribe for a year in advance and save over $150 on the year’s snacks.

Club W, $39/month
For $39 a month ($13 a bottle), plus $6 shipping, Club W will recommend three bottles of wine based on your taste profile, which you’re free to accept or to customize your delivery. If you order six or more bottles, they’ll waive the shipping charge.

Try the World, $45/every other month
For those of us with a hint of wanderlust, Try the World themes each of its bi-monthly boxes around a different city, sending snacks and the occasional non-food treat from the city’s home country. For the first month, it’s Paris, then Tokyo, then Rio. Subscribers can buy either a limited “tour” of boxes, or subscribe a year’s worth (six boxes) of international treats.

birchbox men and women



Clothing and appearance

Birchbox, from $10/month
Birchbox, which has plans to open its first retail store in New York City, sends subscribers sample-size beauty and skincare products, with separate boxes for women and men (the men’s box is $20).

Stitchfix, from $20/month
The initial $20 you pay women’s styling site Stitchfix is for a stylist to choose clothes and accessories that fit the profile you’ve filled out – if you want to buy the clothes that are sent to you each month instead of using their free return service, you’ll have to pay for the pieces individually, and the $20 will go toward your purchase. These pieces are $55-$65 each on average, the company says, but if you keep all five, you get 25% off your order.

Fabletics, from $49.95 if you choose to buy
Fabletics, which sends VIP subscribers a 2-3 piece outfit “based on your style and workout preferences” selected by stylists every month, was cofounded by actress Kate Hudson. (Note that enrolling in the VIP program is free.) Shipping is free, and you can select your own outfits and individual pieces if you prefer.

Gatzino, $30-$90/month
By joining the Gatzino club, you can sign up for boxes of “girls” clothes, jewelry, accessories, and shoes at $30, $60, or $90 per month, with free shipping worldwide. Subscribers get a permanent 10%-$30% discount when shopping on the site.

citrus lane

Screenshot / Citrus Lane

Citrus Lane.

Kids and parents

Citrus Lane, $29/month
Calling all parents: Citrus Lane sends a monthly box full of 4-5 products for your child, based on his or her age and ranging from toys to books to snacks (and sometimes gifts for parents). Shipping is free, and in addition to $29 for one box, users can sign up for three months at a time ($24 per month), six months ($21 per month), or an entire year ($19 per month).

Bluum, $29/month
Created for parents of kids up to age 4, Bluum sends 4-5 surprise products in one of four age-based categories: pregnancy, baby, toddler, and preschool. Memberships for three, six, or 12 months are available, although it appears the only one of those that provides cost savings is the year-long subscription.


Cannabox, $19.88/month
Well, someone had to do it: Cannabox (previously profiled by Business Insider) is an 18-plus service which includes 5-8 cannabis-related products selected by “expert curators,” although no actual marijuana is included for obvious reasons.

Spicy Subscriptions, from $19.95/month
Adults can choose one of three options: The “Toy of the Month” ($19.95), Spice Box ($29.95), or Deluxe Spice Box ($34.95). While “Toy of the Month” is self-explanatory, the boxes include “an assortment of romantic items meant to help spice things up.” Shipping is free.

conscious box vegan

Screenshot / Conscious Box

Conscious Box’s “Vegan Box.”

And everything else

Dollar Shave Club, $1-$9/month
Every month, Dollar Shave Club sends new blades and cartridges (subscribers can choose from three blades at different price points), and members get a free handle when they join or if they choose a new blade.

Conscious Box, from $9.95/month
Conscious Box offers three boxes: gluten-free, vegan, and “classic,” which only includes snacks, beauty, and cleaning products that are all-natural and GMO-free. The company “aim[s] to support sustainable, fair trade businesses.” The smaller, taster box (5-8 items) is $9.95/month, with three, six, and 12-month subscriptions available at a discount; the plus box (8-12 items) is $19.95 with the same subscription and savings options.

KLUTCHclub, $10/month
This company provides “health and wellness” boxes for three demographics: men, women, and moms, all for $10 a month plus $8 shipping, with discounts for three and six month subscriptions. Boxes include everything from snacks to supplements to yoga class downloads.

gramr gratitude co

Screenshot / Gramr Gratitude Co.

Gramr Gratitude Co.

Gramr Gratitude Co., $15/month
“We are a community of people who believe that gratitude changes everything,” the company writes. To express that gratitude, subscribers get four cards, four envelopes, and four stamps per month – everything you need for a thank you note (or as they call it, a “Gramr”) per week.Hammock Pack, $25/month
For $25/month, plus $5 shipping, subscribers receive a monthly box full of “everything you need to take a much-needed getaway without even leaving your home.” The site clarifies that the box is “geared towards women” and includes treats like food, bath products, and housewares themed around a particular destination (past locales have included Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Canada).

BarkBox, $29/month
A monthly BarkBox includes 4-6 products for dogs of three different size categories, from toys to treats, and donates 10% of the cost to a rescue group. Pay $29 for a single month, or get a discount on three month, six month, or one-year subscriptions.

Source: Libby Kane

Top 10 Beauty Subscription Bags in India

Top 10: Best Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Jewelry, Men, Food Monthly Subscription Boxes in India with Reviews, Price List

Monthly subscription boxes have recently become popular in India and its a growing market where many new brands are joining in. Its a very innovative, exciting concept where you get a box full of surprise goodies delivered at your doorstep every month. These subscription boxes generally have a theme like beauty subscription box, lifestyle box, kids box, jewelry box, period box, etc. Also, typically, the total cost of the products that you receive in these boxes will be more than what you pay for. Here is a list of the 10 best beauty and fashion monthly subscription boxes available in India. Also includes some jewelry boxes, period boxes, etc in India.

Some of these subscription services even ask you to fill out a questionnaire and customize your box based on that. So instead of just ordering beauty products online in the traditional way, this is a more fun way to try new brands and products.

1.Fab Bag: Budget Beauty Subscription Box


Its the most popular and affordable beauty subscription service in India. Fab Bag has a mix of 3-4 premium makeup and beauty products. Every month, they have a different theme and the products are packed in an awesome bag which is very useful to store your makeup and stuff. You will also get coupons which you can use to purchase the full-sized products of the month at discounted prices. When you sign up for a Fab Bag, you need to fill a beauty profile and the bag is customized based on your preferences. Price in India: Rs.699 for 1 month, Rs.1599 for 3 months, Rs.2999 for 6 months and Rs.4999 for 1 year.

2.My Envy Box: Luxury Sample Box in India

My Envy Box is a luxury beauty sampling service offering you a chance to try 4-5 deluxe sized samples from top international luxury brands. Some of the brands they have sent in previous boxes include L’Occitane, Estee Lauder, Kerastase, Givenchy, Ananda Spa in the Himalayas, etc. Luxury brands are expensive and this offers the convenience of trying them to see whether it actually works for you before going for the full-sized version. Price in India: Rs.850 for 1 month, Rs.2250 for 3 months, Rs.4350 for 6 months and Rs.8500 for 1 year.

3.MSM Box: Lifestyle and Men Subscription Box


MSM Box offer a mix of full-sized products as well as samples. Their motto is “a lot in a little” and truly by that, the number of products they send is more than other subscription services. Also, they have a variety of boxes to choose at different price ranges – MSM Express Box, MSM Select Box and even a Men’s Box. They are possibly the first subscription service to start an all makeup box – MSM Diva Makeup Special Box. Recently, they have also started the Build Your Own MSM Box. Price in India: Rs.495 for Express Box, Rs.995 for Select Box, Rs.1995 for Diva Box and Rs.1495 for Men’s Box.

4.The Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Box


The Nature’s Co is an all-natural, cruelty-free, environmental friendly brand and they have an extensive range of products. If you wish to try some of their products, their Beauty Wish Box subscription service is a good starting place. It comes with 5 deluxe sized and 1 retail sized beauty products with a different theme each month. Price in India: Rs.595 for 1 month, Rs.1645 for 3 months, Rs.3215 for 6 months and Rs.5950 for 1 year.

5.Gia Bath & Body Box: Monthly Box for Bath Products

People who love natural, handcrafted, vegan luxury products should give this a try. It is a home brand and all their products are SLS, SLES and preservative free. What’s special about their subscription service is that as a subscriber the products that you receive are exclusive to the box, that is, new limited edition products which are not available for purchase otherwise. As a member, you will also get access to discounted full sized products. Price in India: Rs.600 for 1 month, Rs.1700 for 3 months and Rs.3500 for 6 months.

6.SugarBox: Lifestyle Subscription Box


A monthly curated box of latest international fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gourmet products. All of them are full-sized. Price in India: Rs.1499 for 1 month, Rs.4197 for 3 months, Rs.7794 for 6 months and Rs.14388 for 1 year.

7.Being Juliet: Period Box in India

This has to be my favorite box in the entire list. It is a period subscription box to pamper, cheer and indulge all the young ladies during those worse days. Filled with 20 sanitary essentials and also period pain comforters and thoughtful gifts, its the best subscription service for any girl. While placing the order, you will be asked to fill out your last period dates and the box arrives 5 days before your next period. You can also choose your particular brands and range of sanitary essentials. After sign up, you will receive a mail where you need to select your gift preferences. They also have a plain Jane Edition Box which comes with 15 sanitary essentials and an occasional free gift. Price in India: Juliet Box: Rs.1650 for 3 months, Rs.3300 for 6 months and Rs.6600 for 1 year. Jane Box: Rs.900 for 3 months, Rs.1710 for 6 months and Rs.3300 for 1 year.
8.O My Bag:

Natural Bath & Body India have their own beauty bag with 4 trial packs every month. It comes in a zipper bag and all their products are paraben-free, sulphate-free and petroleum free. Its the most affordable option and definitely worth a try. Price in India: Rs.299 for 1 month.

9.Pinc Box: Lingerie Box in India

Its India’s first lingerie subscription service. How cool is that! You receive 3 pretty panties in the mail every month and they are all shipped with discreet packaging for complete privacy. They have 2 options – Everyday Basics and Comfy Thongs. You can choose your size while placing the order. Price in India: Rs.299 for 1 month, Rs.849 for 3 months, Rs.1599 for 6 months and Rs.3149 for 1 year.

10 Lady Raga: Fashion and Lifestyle Monthly Box

It is a newly launched beauty subscription in India. Every month they send an assortment of 3-5 sample and/or full-sized products ranging from beauty products, jewelry, lifestyle and fashion accessories. Price in India: Rs.666 for 1 month, Rs.1849 for 3 months, Rs.3595 for 6 months and Rs.6666 for 1 year.

Other interesting subscription services:

Jewellery subscription boxes: Zotiqq, Embellishment Box, The Little Bauble Box.

Yourbox: A box that comes with customized complete outfit including clothing, footwear/handbag, watch/sunglasses/wallet, jewellery and other fun stuff.

Scentbox: Perfume samples box

Happiness Caged: A monthly cage of beauty, lifestyle and fashion products.

I know this is out of context here. But for foodies and snack lovers, Snackosaur is a great snack subscription service that I have tried which sends healthy and delicious snacks. Snackexpert is another such service.

The subscription service industry has just now started blooming in India and we have a long way to go before we reach the standards of international boxes like BirchBox, GlossyBox, Ispy, etc. Do share your experiences with monthly subscription boxes in India.

By Contributor: Archana