How The Lottery Works & H-1B 2020 Lottery Predictions

 H1B Visa

The H-1B visa 2020 process is rather simple when broken down. Under the regular cap, 65,000 petitions are randomly selected by a computer.

An additional 20,000 petitions will also be selected under the advanced degree exemption. 6,800 will be set aside for citizens of Chile and Singapore, according to the Free Trade Agreement.

What happens after the lottery selection?

Once a petition is selected, it will be sent to a service center to be approved or rejected. Then, a tracking identifier called an EAC number is assigned to each petition. For H1B Visa Process Visit UT Evaluators.

The first 3 letters of your petition’s EAC number indicate the location of the service center that is processing your petition. For example, WAC would mean the Western Adjudication Center in California. The two numbers that appear next correlate to the year followed by the working day. The last five numbers indicate your case number. An example would look like this: WAC-18-021-56974.

If you have any questions about this process, contact the immigration lawyer that helped you file the petition for your H-1B visa.

Eligibility Requirement for Specialty Occupation

In order to be eligible for the specialty occupation criteria the H-1B job must adhere to one of the criteria below:

A. The job must require at minimum a Bachelor’s degree or higher (or equivalent).

B. The required degree for the H-1B job is considered common to the industry.


A. The position can only be executed by an individual holding a degree due to its complexity.

B. It is normal for the employer to require a degree (or equivalent) for the position because the skills are so specialized.

Not Eligible for an H-1B Visa? Other options…

If you’ve determined that you are not eligible for an H-1B visa based on the aforementioned points, consider filing for an H-2B visa or even an L-1 visa may be a viable option.

An L-1B visa is also a non-immigrant visa option which permits employers based both in the United States and abroad to transfer personnel from the foreign offices to the operations based in the U.S. for up to 5 years. To know more details on  H1B Visa  check Aspnetmenu

The J-1 visa might also serve as an alternative. Instead of being tied to an employer, the J-1 is based on a government-approved program. Students, doctors, counselors, and nannies are among the many occupational programs that can take advantage of this visa.


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