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We believe that small adjustments make a big difference. In our

day-to-day life, small things give us immense joy, be it a successful

bargain with a vegetable vendor or a small drop in the fuel prices. In

a similar fashion, a small adjustment in the length of the car gives

automakers a lot of benefits. This encouraged manufacturers such as

Tata, Maruti, Ford and Volkswagen to develop sub 4-metre cars. Due to

the growing popularity of SUVs, Mahindra was the first company to

introduce a sub 4-metre SUV, the Quanto. Mahindra also offers the

TUV300 and the NuvoSport in this segment and now we have a new entry

from the company, the Bolero.


That last bit is what has driven everyone from Tata and Maruti to Ford

and Volkswagen to develop sub-4 metre offerings. However, with SUVs

becoming the demand of the day, Mahindra was first to introduce a

compact offering in the body style, by giving the Xylo a little

adjustment to create the Quanto. M&M followed it up with the TUV300,

NuvoSport, and now, it’s put the Mahindra Bolero under the knife as well.


Mahindra’s beloved cash-cow now gets a version which loses a few cms

in length, a few cc’s in displacement and healthy few Rupees in price

too. So is this downsize a compromise?




This new Bolero Power+ remains virtually identical to the standard

Bolero except at the edges. Look closer and you’ll notice that the

front bumpers are actually inward sloping and don’t jut out any more.

Even the metal foot plate at the rear has been re-designed so that

this vehicle qualifies as a ‘compact car’. There are some badges on

the sides with the ‘P’ in Power+ marked in red which suggest that this

is the more powerful version (more on that in a bit).




Mahindra Bolero Power+ has several features, but nothing new as such.

It has power steering, power windows, manual AC, music system, keyless

entry, in-dash music system. There is even bluetooth connectivity as

well. The instrument cluster is digital on the Bolero and the higher

variants get micro hybrid technology too. The Mahindra Bolero Power+

even gets stylish interiors.


In terms of space, there is no change on the Mahindra Bolero Power+.

It has seven seats, the second row is tight on knee room and the third

row is good only for short distances as it gets jump seats. The boot

too isn’t that large. What makes this a good deal is the fact that it

now without any compromise on space or power, the Mahindra Bolero

Power+ is more affordable.PERFORMANCE ;




The Mahindra Bolero Power+ comes with a 1.5-litre diesel engine and

it is more powerful than the older 2.4-litre unit. The oil-burner

produces 70 HP of power and 195 Nm of torque. Torque delivery is

smooth and linear. The car accelerates in 3rd gear from crawling

speeds without much of a fuss. Acceleration is tiring slow, however,

and 0-100 km/hr comes up in 20.76 seconds. There is some turbo lag but

the mid-range feels punchy. There’s not much action after 4000 RPM

though. 100 km/hr in 5th gear comes up near the 2500 RPM mark.


The new engine is very refined compared to the older unit and the

clatter isn’t as bad as earlier. The insulation is very good and we

were actually very surprised by the refinement. The Bolero Power+

isn’t meant to be driven fast at all and it is best enjoyed at

cruising speeds. Gear shifts are very long and notchy but the clutch

is super light. The Bolero Power+ has a claimed fuel efficiency of

16.5 km/l and we still managed to extract 15 km/l under normal driving

conditions. The large fuel tank ensures that you get a range of around

700 kms on a full tank.




While overtaking on the highways, if the vehicle is not loaded takes

good effort to push it but then the Bolero seems to die completely

when fully occupied. On highways the engine response is very

discouraging and the lack of power gets very evident. Not to forget

the excess noise that penetrates inside the cabin making it a noisy


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The handling quality is weak and needs some major improvement from

Mahindra. It is not a very easy to maneuver vehicle and gets a bit

sticky in some scenarios especially as the gear stick behaves like a

sore thumb. The brakes are of average quality and do not offer a

precise feedback whatsoever. We got a real time mileage of 12 Kmpl

which is average compared to the competition.




Why bring in another Bolero when you’re going to sell the older

version as well. Mahindra says that the two SUVs will cater to

different customer bases – one which wants the newer engine as well as

lower running costs, and the second which wants to still go ahead with

the older, proven engine and mechanicals. The company has added a

three year/one lakh kilometres warranty package now on the SUV.


At Rs 8.03 lakh ex-Mumbai, the Bolero isn’t the best value, especially

for someone looking for a more urban-biasedvehicle. Instead, for Rs

7.74 lakh, you get the TUV300 T4+ which has got ABS as well as

airbags, is more powerful and feels far more modern. Of course, the

Bolero will be the more logical choice for rugged, rural use. Another

fun reason to buy a Bolero in white? People inadvertently mistake you

for a cop. Traffic parts ways for you, and I actually saved good time

on my commute home! Seriously though, given the popularity of the

Bolero (over ten lakh have been sold so far), I see no reason why the

cheaper and more powerful Power+ shouldn’t be a hit with its target

audience as well.

Calculate EMI for Mahindra Bolero

Mahindra Bolero Ex Showroom Price in New Delhi ranges from 7,56,141/- (Bolero Plus Non AC BS3) to  8,57,497/- (Bolero Power Plus SLX BS4) .Mahindra Bolero has 15 Variants of Diesel are available in India. Mahindra Bolero comes in 10 colours, namely Power Plus Diamond White,Power Plus Silver,Power Plus Rocky Beige,Power Plus Java Brown,Java Brown,Rocky Beige,Diamond White,Mist Silver,Molten Red,Silver.

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