The Indians are ahead in getting work visas from Canada, beat China

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Indians are obtaining Canadian work visas like never before and are beating Chinese nationals in the race.

As per the latest statistics, Indians are ahead of China in getting Canadian work visas under Canada’s international mobility programme.

From January-June this year, 13,670 Indians obtained work visas and the number was at 8,680 for Chinese.

Under the temporary foreign worker programme too, Indians were ahead as under this programme, 2,190 Indians obtained work visas as compared to 635 from China.

These statistics by the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), do not deviate from trends in the preceding years. For H1B Visa Process visit UT Evaluators

Canada is attracting talent from all over the world. In June, Canada has ushered in the Global Talent Stream Program (GTSP) and began fast track processing of applications in two weeks and exemptions from labour market impact assessments.

Companies that are seeking to sponsor highly qualified foreign workers can opt for GTSP which covers ten occupations primarily in computer, electrical and IT. But GTSP applies only for short trips. Managerial or professional workers can visit Canada on short term assignments of 15 days in a six month period or 30 days in a year.

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